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Proud of EASYBOOKING page online flight booking (online) 100% automated. Ensure accurate reservation ticket at your request on the airline at the time of your booking.

Electronic ticketing system located from Easybooking no difference compared to tickets purchased from the airline's offices. Part ticketing service fee will be included in the electronic ticket, guests will pay the correct amount on the ticket. For customers wishing to VAT invoicing, simply fill out the billing section, the bill will be delivered to the customer together with the ticket. Easybooking always want to bring maximum convenience to customers.

Customers can actively search, compare prices for airlines (Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines ...) and make a booking, easily and quickly. Customers will feel secure because you have booked the tickets right with money, time flies when completing the booking on the website without having to worry about having to postpone or sold out by agents can not book right away.

Air ticket information will be sent to the email address that the customer has provided as soon as the booking is done. Customers can use the booking code and the email address provided to search for tickets at information anytime, anywhere.

Customer care system will make our customers complete peace of mind and satisfaction when using the service online ticket booking in Easybooking. In addition to sending the electronic ticket to the customer's email address. The system will update messages to customers quickly and instantaneous information on flight status and weather destinations. Customers do not have to wait long to call on the support of Easybooking Switchboard for advice, answer questions or requests for assistance quickly.

With a complete technology solution, proud to be one of the services online flight booking top in Vietnam.

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