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Information Security Policy

Easybooking very concerned about your privacy when you use the services of us.We also understand that you will be very interested in the information that you provide to us may be sure secret safe or not. And we want you to really feel secure and confident when participating in our services. So we are committed to making you have the best experience when participating in our program with the full confidence with security items as follows (click each item to view details)  

1/ The purpose and scope of information gathering.

2/ Scope uses the information.

3/ Time information storage.

4/ The address of the unit to collect and manage personal information.

5/ Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data.

6/ Commitment to personal information security customers.

 We created this privacy policy to demonstrate its commitment to the security and confidentiality of our company to our customers. Privacy Policy Through this information, we want you to understand about our customer information collection, use and sharing of information as well as the privacy of our customers. We also hope you will read carefully what we describe below.

 1/ The purpose and scope of information gathering:

  • We collect information from all those who access and use the content of our services, including those not registered Visitors accounts but have to buy and use the services and the Members of us.
  • Registration: Members may be asked to provide full personal information when they sign gas use products and our services, including: name, address, phone number and Billing Information. We use this information primarily to provide the most useful information is updated daily for customers who use our services, and in general, we never share your information obtained to any third party.
  • We will save all the information access as well as customer feedback. This information is saved for the purpose of better care for our customers.
  • We will keep all the receipts from purchases, transactions, purchase history, method of payment ... to avoid pity arises if later.

2/ Scope uses the information:

  • Use of Information: We use customer information for the following purposes:

    Provide useful information for the best care for our customers, including daily Newsletters, the promotions, information about new products or programs to promote the development of the our company.

    • Provides some utilities as well as consulting services to support our customers better.
    • We will use customer information in a reasonable manner for the purpose of developing and perfecting the company's services to better serve our customers.
    • Resolving the disputes, complaints and inquiries from customers.
    • Prevent unfortunate circumstances that may occur later as the legal violations.
  • Information Sharing: As we said, we take very seriously the security of customer information, so we are committed to absolutely not arbitrarily use customer information for the purpose of no benefit to customers we're committed to not selling, exchanging security information of the client to any third party. However, in some special cases later, we may share customer information in a reasonable manner
    • With the consent of the customer.
    • To protect the interests of the company and the partners of the company: We just launched the personal information of customers to make sure that the information that can protect the rights and property of the public our company and the partners involved. This information will be disclosed in a legal way according to the laws of Vietnam.
    • At the request of the government agencies when we find it suitable to Vietnam law.
    • In some cases need to provide other customer information, such as the promotion has the support of such a third party, we will notify customers prior to your information guests are shared. Guest has the right to decide whether to agree to share information or to participate or not.

3/Time information storage:

Customer’s information is saved in the time customers are using the service ticket and other services related to the business of us. You can request a stop storing your information please send mail to, we will destroy the information on the system of the customer upon request from the registered email.

4/The address of the unit to collect and manage personal information:

Collection systems and management of customer information on the website belonging to the company Gia Huy headquarters in 60 Ut Tich, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5/Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data:

When the client is a member of the flight booking system online at the website, customers have received information that members of the customer email and password registered earlier. To modify your personal data, customers simply visit and click the login link in the top right corner of the screen and enter your email and password guest. Once logged in customers choosing to modify the profile section to edit your personal data.

6/ Commitment to personal information security customers:

  • We are committed to ensuring the safety information to customers when registering personal information with our company. We are committed to not trading exchange customer information for commercial purposes. All the sharing and use customer information we are committed to comply with the privacy policy of the company. We are committed to make you feel confident and happy about the security of personal information when joining and using the services of our company.
  • To privacy of our best customers, we recommend that you restrict access by login account automatically, noting the backup mode and ensures password log out of your account when you use the computer general account to log on to our website. We will not be responsible if the personal information you leak because of the above reasons.
  • Privacy Policy applies only to information customers registered on the official website of our company All information you register in the wedsite or other addresses are not valid under the Privacy Policy of this information.

We always emphasize asserted that: We take very seriously the security entitlement of customer information. If you have any questions or comments concerning the privacy policy of the company, please contact us:


GIA HUY Air Ticket Agency

Address: 60 Ut Tich, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone: 38112211 – 19002068 – 0966002068

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