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Transport and delivery policy

Immediately after you have confirmed successful payment order will issue tickets for you.

You will choose the method of receiving tickets following methods:

Get tickets at Gia Huy office:

After successfully book tickets, please visit the Agency air ticket GIA HUY (60 Ut Tich, Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City) to get tickets. Please bring ID or order number to confirm when to get tickets.

Get tickets at your house or work according to the customer's address:

Receive electronic tickets via email:

After successful booking and ticket purchase via transfer account, system will send e-ticket EASYBOOKING your registered email client when booking.

For more information, forwarding air tickets please contact the hotline: Help desk  1900 2068  -   Hoặc số  : 7109 6868  - 096600 2068.

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