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EASYBOOKING.VN page air ticket booking is completely automatic allowing customers to book tickets quickly - exactly as booking on the website of the airline. Once you have the system notify successful ticketing means your air ticket reservation has been on flights that you choose.

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Step 1: Searching for flights

Access EASYBOOKING.VN homepage to search for your flight.

Step 2: Select the appropriate flight

Flights appropriate choice for you. Click Advanced to view information about the airlines and airplane tickets. Use the "Selection Information" to find time to take off according to your wishes.

Step 3: Enter the passenger information

Enter passenger information for you and for anyone to accompany you. Itinerary confirmations and invoices for all passengers will be sent to the address of your electronic mailbox. The updates on flight status will be sent via SMS to the phone number you provided.

Step 4: Provide information luggage

Hand luggage is defined by each airline. Customers choosing luggage weight to carry and view the fee schedule of the airline.

Step 5: Select a payment method

Choice of payment method most convenient for you. Selecting "Invoice" and enter the necessary information if you want us to invoice you.

Step 6: To request the booking was successful!

After completing the booking process, the system will notify successful bookings with the booking code (PNR) of airlines fact that you have chosen.
Congratulations you have booked the flight as standard. The system will also be emailed a line item.


Guide to order tickets by Video

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