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Why do you choose Easybooking ?

Easybooking provide an excellent service, allowing customers to actively search, compare prices for airlines (Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines), and make a booking in less than 5 minutes.

Coming to Easybooking, customers will:

  • Book flights fast, convenient
  • Are supported and cared for by a professional team
  • Get information about the flight and the necessary information to customers
  • Free home delivery (for the urban districts, City)

Here are 9 reasons customers choose us, to be served in the best way:

1. Search for the cheapest ticket prices

  • Easybooking integrated intelligent search tools.
  • Search for the cheapest fare of Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and VietJet Air.
  • Sort Results By fare, departure time, airline
  • Filter results by airline, departure time
  • Compare and find cheap fares quickly.

2. Booking is easy and quick

  • Find tickets matching requests quickly.
  • Information and clear instructions help you "book within 5 minutes manipulate"
  • Electronic tickets are sent to your email as soon as the booking is complete.
  • Autofill contact information and member's bill.

3. PNR code are truth and no difference in fares with airlines

  • Ensure accurate ticket at the request of customers.
  • Exact fare airlines.

4. Flexible payment

  • Pay at our office
  • Payment at home
  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Online payment through Bank Amount
  • See "Payment methods" of Easybooking.

5. Delivery home for free

  • Agency staff will transport tickets to the customers.
  • Free urban districts in HCM; (Other districts of HCM additional cost VND 20,000)
  • Please select "RECEIVE PAYMENT AND TICKET AT HOME" at checkout (See "Guide online flight bookings").

6. Look up information air ticket

  • Look up information in airfares
  • Flight search information in email
  • Direct Support Call Center at 08 6288 5077

7. Notification of flight changes

  • The system provides a multi-channel customer support Web, Email, SMS and Call Center
  • Notification of changing flight information
  • Remind you of time for payment and ticket status.

8. Good after-sales

  • Customer care center will advise and support thoughtful
  • Dealers will notice when your flight change
  • You can change or return tickets quickly.

9. The first genuine agency airlines - Reputation

  • Gia Huy Company was establish in 2002
  • Is the general agent of the foreign airlines
  • The staff are well trained and experienced.

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