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Guide to book air ticket on Easybooking apps

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Open Easybooking apps: Passenger touch icon EASYBOOKING.VN - Apps Đặt vé máy bay on screen after success install Easybooking apps.

Step 1: Registration - Log in member

Dang ky - Dang nhap thanh vien

Registration step: Touch button "REGISTRATION" righ on screen Easybooking apps.

Fill Email, Password, Repeat password, stick "Newsletter" and touch "REGISTRATION" Passenger became member of Easybooking.

* If Passenger was member of Easybooking apss please choose "LOG IN" step

LOG IN step: touch button "LOG IN" on top righ screen of Easybooking apps.

Fill"User name" and "Password" was registed on step 1 and touch "Log in".

Step 2: Book air ticket

Touch icon ... "Ticket booking" righ on main screen of Easybooking apps to choose flight.

Dang ky - Dang nhap thanh vien

Select flight: touch Origin, Destination, Departure date (for one way), Return date (for two ways if only - or touc X button -> to omit return date if only one way), class and passengers -> touch "Search" to select fare.

Dang ky - Dang nhap thanh vien

Select fare: -> list fare departure fare and return fare of airlines -> select flight time and fare suitable.

Dang ky - Dang nhap thanh vien

-> show detail route and fare (passenger can choose "Select another" if passenger want to choose another flight) or press"CONTINUE" to fill passenger information.

Fill passenger information as request

Dang ky - Dang nhap thanh vien

-> press "CONTINUE" -> to select luggage registed.

chon mua hanh ly

Select luggage registed: buy more carry luggage luggage registed (if need), wheelchair (if need), baby carriages (if need)...

chon mua so kg

-> "CONTINUE" -> Select methods payment.

Phuong thuc thanh toan

Select methods payment: Press to choose payment which passenger want and invoice (if passenger has required)

Chon phuong thuc thanh toan

-> Press "BOOK A TICKET" -> Finish booking

Chon phuong thuc thanh toan va dat ve

System booking will send PNR real code to passenger's email. Passenger's code booking is real code on airlines system. Passenger can visit Order lookup section to get Reservation code and confirm direct to airlines.

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