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Easybooking – Proud of leading book air ticket online system in Viet Nam was voted by customer continuous many year

Proud of book air ticket online system achieve top 50 on show " Guarantee Quality product Best services voted 2016" celebrated at Ben Thanh theatre on 28/08/2016 last week.

Top50Thương hiệu uy tín Sản phẩm chất lượng Dịch vụ tin dùng 2016

Repeatedly in the top of the prestigious title of consumers trust vote since their debut. Achieving top 40 enterprises in the program "Innovative Enterprise - Typical products - Services dedicated in 2014". In 2015 system online flight booking was honored the Top 50 award winning program "Brand led Vietnam 2015" and recently has been consumer confidence votes in the top 50 programs the "brand reputation - product quality - Service 2016 trusted" online ticketing system intelligent agent Easybooking of total airfare Gia Huy has proven usability and innovation that businesses have bring to customers.

Gia Huy đạt danh hiệu top 50 thương hiệu dẫn đầu Việt Nam 2015 Huy đạt danh hiệu top 40 dịch vụ tận tâm 2014

        Gia Huy proud to the first ticket agents are reputable, customers complete peace of mind when booking in, ticket prices are updated directly from the system of genuine commitment to sell at the prices, market prices are cheapest school, ticket code 100% real. are websites online flight booking Modern 08/2013 was established to date, website online booking flights in Vietnam was launched to meet the demand for passenger travel by road air. Easybooking is a trademark of the company Gia Huy, reputable dealer 1 of more than 40 airlines in the country and internationally. brand is at the forefront of technology application into the booking system in Vietnam. Easybooking has launched online ticketing applications on the smartphone integration for both Android and iOS operating systems.

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Gia Huy sincerely thank the trust and votes from users to book airline tickets online at Gia Huy will constantly endeavor to provide the best service to our customers !!!

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